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About Me

I am a fully disciplined professional Music Composer and Producer with lots of experience in the field. I have 5 years of experience as a professional even though I've been doing it nonstop for 11 years! I have successfully been able compose, produce, arrange, and mix/master different projects and have delivered high quality work to important brands such as Audi, Dior, and Zara. These projects have been done directly with Andres Reisinger, one of the most sought out artists of the 21st century and is one of my main clients. I've composed music and done sound for multiple art installations by Andres which have been on display in Miami Art Basel, Milan Nilufar Gallery, and Art Dubai. I have also produced many independent local artists whose projects have proven to be successful, acquiring over 150 thousand organic plays and recently have had music I produced be officially playlisted by Spotify on three of their editorial playlists (LAUREN SOFIA). I have also been able to demonstrate my skills as a composer in different kinds of media including video-games, such as The Inheritance of The Crimson, a successful narrative horror puzzle game released on 2022 and soon to be released on consoles.

I am very friendly, easy to work with, and always deliver the highest of quality. I am happy to take any project to the next level and work very hard until my clients feel satisfied with the work presented. Feel free to reach out to me any time and we can start working together!

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