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Music Production and Composition for Visual Media credits

Need music for your film? Need a music producer for your career as a Rock, Pop, or Hip Hop artist? Need music for your video-game? Need music for ANYTHING?

I got you.

Music Composition and Sound Design for Visual Media credits:

Audi x Andres Reisinger - Sphere (short film, 2022)

DIOR x Reisinger - GRIS (digital installation, 2023)

Zara x Reisinger Virtual Space at Paris Champs Elysées store (physical installation, 2023)

Breathing Language by Andres Reisinger (digital artworks, 2022)

The Inheritance of the Crimson Manor (video-game, 2022)

ODDYSEY by Andres Reisinger, presented at Milan Nilufar Gallery ( physical/digital installation 2021)

The Smell of Pink, a physical art installation by Andres Reisinger presented at Miami Faena Art Project Room (2022)

SUN/LEAF, a physical/digital installation by Andres Reisinger, presented at Art Dubai. (2022)

Too Much, Too Soon! physical installation at Milan Nilufar Gallery (2022)

An Essay Before Meeting my Daughter by Reisinger Studio (short film, 2021)

Cintas en Desarrollo, a documentary on Honduran Cinema history. (film, 2021)

Kaha Kamasa (video-game, 2018)


Music Producer, Mixing and Mastering credits: 

Calle Palermo - Soledad (2023) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer)  (Electric Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals, Synths)

Calle Palermo - Desperté (2023) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer)  (Strings Arrangement, Piano, Electric Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals)

LAUREN SOFÍA - tulipanes (2023) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer) (officially added by Spotify on 3 of their editorial playlists)

Radiophobic - We Don't Know (2023) (Mixing/Mastering Engineer) (Additional Production)

El Tata - Frio (2023) (Mixing/Mastering Engineer)

Calle Palermo - Fin (2022) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer)  (Piano, Guitar Lead, Bass, Backing Vocals)

Calle Palermo - Un Lugar (2022) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer) (Piano, Bass, Vocals, Backing Vocals)

Co-Produced with El Tata

LAUREN SOFÍA - te verde (2021) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer)

Sam & Dan - Alolaré EP (7 track EP, 2020) (Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer)

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